Agnetha was lucky enough to grow up with homoeopathy. It’s no wonder then, that she was so fascinated by those little pills, particularly when her mum gave them to their extremely reluctant cat when he hobbled home on three legs after yet another fight with the neighbouring cats.

Thanks to her aunt, who is also a homoeopath, Agnetha always knew that she’d become a homoeopath one day. One thing led to another and before she knew it, she was studying homoeopathy at The Centre for Homeopathic Education (University of Middlesex) and finished it with a Bachelor of Science. At the same time she worked in the homeopathic pharmacy Helios in London. Through this work she learned a lot about tinctures, potentising remedies, making creams and ointments, supplements, etc.

During her stay in London she also did numerous extra courses, one of which was the CEASE-method by Tinnus Smits, which is extremely helpful for detoxing the body from medications that have triggered a negative response.

After finishing her degree, Agnetha moved back to her hometown Deggendorf in Bavaria, Germany, where she now practices homoeopathy. However, she flies back to London every few months and either sees her English patients then or speaks to them over Skype.