The Three Principles


Enjoying Life!

Once we are aware of how our mind really works, life is so much easier! If we are aware of where our feelings are coming from, we don’t feel helplessly exposed to them, but can embrace them and enjoy life with everything it has to offer!

With the understanding of these three simple truths, we comprehend where our “reality” is actually from. Life doesn’t pass us by any more with us just standing at the edge of the playing field trying to influence what is happening from the sidelines. We are in the thick of it again! These Three Principles can help in ALL areas of life. Even in physical and psychological complaints can they bear incredible changes in an unexpected short time frame!

Finally healthy!

This gentle method of healing has been applied for physical and psychological complaints for over 200 years. The repeatedly diluted and succussed homoeopathic remedies give the body a gentle impulse in order to get it back on track.

A layperson can easily treat acute problems like being stung by a bee themselves. When it comes to chronic complaints, however, the extensive knowledge of a homoeopath is needed. The don’t only have an objective view on the matter. The knowledge concerning potency, the correct choice between more than 3500 remedies, and the understanding of intricate relationship between organs are all necessary to reinstate wellbeing.