How Agnetha came to The Three Principles:

Luckily, Susan Marmot a former friend and colleague of Agnetha, had told her about The Three Principles about half a year before Agnetha finished her degree in Homoeopathy, after which she moved back to Germany. Every time Susan came into the homoeopathic pharmacy in which Agnetha was still working, Susan seemed to just glow!

Although Agnetha had absolutely loved her job in the pharmacy for a really long time, she dreaded it more and more after about three and a half years. She was exhausted, stressed out and dissatisfied. Although it felt as if the job was to blame, Agnetha knew that it must be something in her that had changed her perception. So she asked Susan if she could teach her The Three Principles.

Susan agreed and Agnetha’s life has changed from that day on. Life doesn’t just pass Agnetha by with her feeling as if she’s just standing at the sidelines. She is enjoying it again and notices the small things that make life wonderful! Ever since Agnetha has been conscious of how our mind really works and where our emotions are coming from, she loves what she is doing again.

And after a few months Agnetha knew that there’s now way around sharing these three simple truths with the world!

Thought is not reality. Yet it is through thought that our reality is created.

By Sydney Banks